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Dickens surely takes his time and mostly does not go directly to the point. In fact, during his time, he publishes his works in installments (which is cheaper than whole novels and easier to market). Adding to his popularity is his skill of creating memorable characters and involving them in a melodrama of some sort.

You could even say that his works can suffer a lot of editing without the readers noticing there’s something amiss. But his long-windedness is one of his selling point. Too bad, because nowadays many are after brevity.

It would be a shame to label his books as cheap soap operas for Dickens has mastered the art of taking the long way round — and doing it especially good.

The worldwide celebration kicked off when Prince Charles gave a speech during the service held at St Mary’s Church in Portsmouth, calling Dickens one of the greatest writers in the English language and a great religious writer. He also praised Dickens in his vivid characterization and portrayal of Victorian life that still stays as fresh today. Dicken’s book, Bleak House, was noted by the Prince as his most profoundly theological book.

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